The puuurrrfect choice for cats

Traditionally cat toys have either been ‘classic’ ping pong balls or very colourful toys designed to appeal to the cat owner - not the cat! Cats are notoriously fussy when it comes to playing with toys. Many cat owners simply abandon buying toys when purchases are so often ignored. Our Catkins range uses more natural ‘kitty pleasing’ materials such as sisal, corn leaf and hessian. All of these materials have texture, ‘clawability’ and a rustle that cats adore. The natural feel is maintained using neutral colours and the minimum of dyes. To ensure that the new toys are played with we have incorporated generous amounts of 100% natural wild catnip. We tested many different types of catnip until we discovered the one that created the desired feel-good factor with our kitty testers. Our product quality will ensure repeat purchases.


The Petface range of cat beds are made from quality fabrics and are available in a variety of designs. Keep your cat cozy in the winter months with one of our cat igloos.


We’ve a great toy collection that will stimulate a cat’s senses through touch, sound, sight and smell which will keep them amused, happy and content. These soft playthings are ideal for throwing and the teasers will have your cat running in circles. Great for stimulation and fitness.


A range of attractively designed scratching posts save your furniture and give your cats somewhere indoors to scratch and play.


Choose from great value melamine bowls or fashionable ceramic dishes. Plus we have co-ordinating hygienic place mats that keep feeding areas contained, clean and tidy.


Petface cat collars are designed with the cat’s safety in mind. Manufactured with either a quick snap fastener or safety elastic fastening which are essential for the cat’s quick and safe escape should they get entangled in a bush or tree.

Cat carriers

When out and about with pets, safe, secure and convenient transportation is a key consideration so we’ve assembled a range of carriers and cages with this in mind.


We have developed a range of litters and trays to make caring for your cat indoors odour free, hygenic and safe.