Outdoor Paws

Durable, comfortable and stylish..

This range is for the dog owner who wants the best for their pet when enjoying the great outdoors. All of our outdoor dog products are designed to meet the rigours of outdoor life. For added durability, all of the Outdoor Paws bedding and coat products are treated with Teflon fabric protector. This technology gives long-lasting protection against water and oil staining, dirt and dust. This keeps fabrics clean, dry and looking newer for longer.

Collars and Leads

Tough and reflective, the Outdoor Paws collars and leads have been designed to meet the rigours of outdoor life. The stylish designs are available in red or orange and grey.

Beds & Bedding

Our range of charcoal and red beds, mattresses and crate mattresses are all Teflon coated to stand up to the rigours of a dog with a passion for the outdoor life. They are all made from high quality materials which makes them highly durable as well as made to withstand staining, dirt and water.

Toys and playthings

There is no doubt that playing and entertaining your dog is one of the pleasures of an outdoor lifestyle. All our Outdoor Paws toys are made from materials such as neoprene and thick nylon, built so that they are suitable for throwing and fetching in all manner of conditions. Suitable for water and land play they won't be easily lost in their bright red colours and won't easily destruct even from the most vigorous players.


Alongside other popular lines in this range, we have other items such as travel bowls, dog coats, tie out stakes,reflector collars and flashing tags to enhance our range and complete all the needs of owners who enjoy an active life with their dog.