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Debbie Vets Get Scanning

We interviewed Sir Bruce Forsyth’s daughter Debbie, spring this year on a cause very close to her heart after her two dogs were stolen in 2006. We know this affects lots of our followers, as an estimated 3,000 dogs are stolen each year and many are sold on to new owners. Debbie has set up a new epetition detailed below.

Q: Hi Debbie, thanks for reaching out to us. We were shocked to hear about your cause, please tell us more about it?

My Yorkshire Terriers Widget & Gizmo were stolen from my car in May 2006, with help from my father through media exposure, I was reunited with them within a week. On this journey, I was horrified to discover that many vets did not routinely scan animals for chips, to find out if they already had owners.

Q: What is the aim of your campaign?

The Vets Get Scanning campaign, aims to get all vets to routinely scan dogs for microchips on their first visit. This, they hope, will stop stolen dogs being sold on to unsuspecting owners being lost forever. We need to make sure that returning a lost dog to its owner via microchip is standard operational procedure for councils, rescues and vets.

We are trying to gain 100,000 signatures on our epetition, to enable this campaign to be considered by the Backbench Business Committee.

Click here to sign the new petition:-

For more information please visit

With her father’s help, Debbie runs a busy national ‘lost and found’ Facebook page that backs microchipping and highlights its importance.

Sir Bruce, who has lent his name to her campaign along with a host of other celebrities, is a lifelong dog fan.

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